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How do you measure arsenic in water?

How do you measure arsenic in water?   Same as some specific areas around the world, the groundwater in southern-west Taiwan also faces the long-standing problems of natural occurring arsenic. From 2020, Taiwan Environmental Protection Agent(Taiwan EPA) start to adopt nano-gold electrochemical sensors to do rapid measurement for arsenic in field.   There are more than 300,000 wells installed as irrigation at southern-west Taiwan. It is a big problem to supervisor to monitor these high level arsenic wells until introducing the novel rapid sensing technology.   Owing to the user-friendly advantages of reagents-free ,calibration-free and digital readout for this technology, there were 30-50 wells of quantitative arsenic data(LOD=5 ug/L) could be obtained right in field by 2 untrained persons within 1 day.   Share with me the way you measure arsenic or other heavy metals.  #water   #arsenic   #heavy_metal   #electrochemistry   #sensor